Scholarship Name List for Hearing Loss


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There are 17 scholarship(s) for Hearing Loss

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Scholarship Name Summary Residency
AG Bell College Scholarship Program Provides merit-based scholarships to students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. National
District of Columbia
Camp Sertoma Scholarship A campership for campers who are unable to pay the total cost of a camp experience. National
North Carolina
George H. Nofer Scholarship for Law and Public Policy Program offers scholarships to full-time graduate students with moderate-severe to profound pre-lingual hearing loss. National
District of Columbia
Graduate Fellowship Fund (GFF) Program provides fellowships for deaf or hard of hearing students that have been accepted in an accredited graduate program in a college or university. National
Help America Hear Scholarship Program awards two hearing aids and a scholarship to five high school seniors who have hearing loss and are continuing their education.
New York
LTZ Scholarship Award Program awards a scholarship to student a with significant bilateral hearing loss pursuing higher education at an accredited non-profit school. National
Millie Brother Scholarship An educational scholarship awarded to hearing children of deaf adults to help them pursue their post-secondary education. National
National Help America Hear Scholarship A scholarship for high school seniors that are hard of hearing. National
New York
Sertoma Hard of Hearing or Deaf Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students diagnosed with clinically significant bilateral hearing loss. National
QIFC Scholarship Program offers scholarships to eligible Larimer County students who are deaf or hard of hearing, and in need of college funding. Colorado; Larimer County
McKay Scholarships Program for Students With Disabilities Provides scholarships for eligible students with disabilities to attend an eligible public or private school of their choice. Florida
Student Scholarship for the Hearing Impaired Educational scholarships are offered to hearing impaired students continuing in higher education. Idaho - Ada County
Dean Ritter Foundation Scholarship Program offers educational scholarships to students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Illinois
W. Robert Berg Scholarship Program A scholarship for those planning to attend a Deaf Camps Inc. program. Maryland
The McAlister Foundation Scholarship Program An educational scholarship for students that are deaf or hard of hearing as evidenced by an audiogram. South Carolina
Hearing/Visually Impaired Student Grant Program Provides funding for undergraduate Wisconsin residents with a severe or profound hearing or visual impairment. Wisconsin
McBurney Center Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Provides scholarships to current and incoming UW-Madison undergraduate, graduate, and professional students whose disability(s) has been verified through the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Wisconsin - UW-Madison