Scholarship Name List for Autism


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There are 36 scholarship(s) for Autism

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Scholarship Name Summary Residency
Adults with Autism Scholarship Program offers scholarships to adults with ASD who want to pursue a post-secondary education. National
Autism Scholarship A scholarship for youth ages 15 or younger that are diagnosed with autism to assist with costs for educational or recreational opportunities. National
Autism Scholarship An educational scholarship for an individual diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who intends to further his or her education at a college, junior college or vocational/trade school. National
Autism Scholarship An educational scholarship for an individual diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. National
Camp Barnabas - Campership Scholarships to provide financial support to camper families who are unable to afford the cost of the camp programs. National
Canines for Disabled Kids Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to children with a physical or psychological disabilities, or in the autism spectrum to help with child-canine services. National
College Access & Success Scholarship An educational scholarship for students attending a California college/university with an intellectual disability or is on the autism spectrum. National
Feldman Law Firm Autism Scholarship Program awards a $1000 educational scholarship to individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD/Autism) and wish to continue their education. National
KFM Autism Scholarship Scholarship awarded to individuals with ASD who are pursuing higher education. National
Landmark College Endowment Scholarships Provides numerous scholarships to students with learning differences who have proven financial need and other specific requirements. National
Landmark College Scholarships Scholarships for students with learning differences. National
Law Office of David P. Shapiro - Autism Scholarship Program provides a $1000 educational scholarship for individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD/Autism). National
Lawrence Madeiros Memorial Scholarship Provides scholarships to high school seniors living with a chronic disorder and continuing their education at a college or university. National
New York
Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship Scholarships in the amount of $3000 to students with autism pursuing a post-secondary, undergraduate education or vocational-technical training, trade, technical or vocational school or a cooperative life skills program. National
McBurney Scholarship An educational scholarship for students at University of Wisconsin Madison that have a disability. National
Schwallie Family Scholarship $3000 scholarships to students with autism enrolled in or attending a two- or four-year undergraduate college. Applications accepted from early December - early May annually. National
Synchrony Scholarship for Autistic Students of Color Program awards scholarships to students of color with autism pursuing a post-secondary, undergraduate education or vocational-technical training . National
Zach Paulsen Memorial Scholarship Program awards a scholarship to students with autism disorders pursuing higher education in a technology field. National
Post-Secondary Scholarship Program Programs awards scholarships to individuals diagnosed with Autism and who are enrolled in or have been accepted to a post-secondary program in a university, college Vocational/ Technical School and/ or a day training or job training program Alabama
McKay Scholarships Program for Students With Disabilities Provides scholarships for eligible students with disabilities to attend an eligible public or private school of their choice. Florida
Social Skills Camp Scholarship Program A campership for children to attend Social Skills camps who might not be able to due to financial reasons. Florida
Autism Society of Iowa Conferences Scholarships are offered for families who need financial assistance in order to attend an Autism Society of Iowa Conference. Iowa
Autism Society of Iowa Scholarship Program awards a scholarship to students residing in Iowa on the autism spectrum planning to attend a post-secondary school. Iowa
Camp Albrecht Acres Campership Program offers a campership to campers who wish to attend but are unable to cover the full cost of the camp program. Iowa
Robert and Clarice Burkgren Honorable Scholarship For an existing college or graduate student, who resides in Iowa, who is currently in a field of study to assist those with autism spectrum disorders upon graduation, or is currently working in the field while obtaining an advanced degree. Iowa
Sue Baker Memorial Scholarship Program awards a scholarship for a student, living in Iowa, who will work in the field of autism upon completion of their post-secondary education. Iowa
Jack's Dollars Scholarship Program Provides scholarships to families who are looking to get their loved ones on the Autism Spectrum into camps and/or community programs. Michigan
AFA's Academy Scholarship Program Scholarship program is offered to families with autism children in need of financial assistance to cover the expenses of AFA academy programs. Missouri
Rising Treetops Scholarship Program offers limited income-based sliding scale scholarships offered for summer camp and overnight respite services to youth and adults with special needs. New Jersey
92NY Camp Scholarship Programs Scholarships to participate in 92NY programs based on financial need for children with learning differences children who have an IEP. New York
Autism Charlotte Program Scholarships Need-based scholarships for families with limited income that have a child with autism to help make it possible for children to participate in programs. North Carolina
Deon Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund Program offers a scholarship to a graduating senior of Cincinnati Public Schools with autism. Ohio - Cincinnati Public Schools
Incight Scholarships Program awards scholarships to students with disabilities in higher education. Oregon
Camp Scholarships Scholarhsip provides autistic children with opportunity to attend camp and explore creative arts, social skills and therapy groups with traditional camp activities. Pennsylvania
James M. Stevens Memorial Scholarship Program offers a scholarship to graduating students with autism or other disabilities pursuing higher education. Virginia - Hampton, York County or Poquoson public schools
Jacob Trotter Memorial Scholarship Program offers scholarships for individuals who are on autism spectrum going to college. Wisconsin