NeedyMeds Triple Play Program

NeedyMeds has partnered with to help them recruit people to participate in medical surveys, focus groups, and other medical research projects. Potential topics include all medical and behavioral diagnoses.Savvy Coop

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1—You sign up with using the special url You will be asked a number of questions about your health and medical status.
  • Step 2—Savvy will find researchers with projects that match your medical status.
  • Step 3—You complete a questionnaire, participate in a focus group, or share information with the researcher in some other way.
  • Step 4—You earn an average of $110.00 per hour and NeedyMeds earns $50.00 per completed project.

You share only as much information as you want to.

Your information is not used for marketing or sales purposes. No one will contact you trying to sell anything.

You choose which studies you want to participate in.

You earn extra money, NeedyMeds earns funding, and researchers get the data they need.

Everyone wins!