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A brief introduction to NeedyMeds

Supporting the Work of the Patient Advocate



The patient advocate community plays an important role in our mission to help people afford the costs of health care. NeedyMeds has a variety of resources available that can contribute to and support the work that you do.

  • Subscription Center
    All-in-one center for subscribing to PAPTracker software, Patient Advocate Newsletter (PAN), Patient Assistance Program Update Service (PAPUS), and inquiries on partnership information.
  • Order Print Materials
    We offer brochures designed to help patients use the NeedyMeds website to find assistance programs. To request an information packet containing brochures, NeedyMeds Drug Discount Cards and a drug discount card handout, please visit ourNeedyMeds Brochure page.
  • Patient Assistance Program Update Service (PAPUS)
    PAPUS is a free e-mail alert service which allows you to receive important patient assistant program updates, including contact information changes, new, closed or merged programs, drug additions/removals, new or changed applications and eligibility criteria changes to programs.Diagnosis Assistance Program Update Service (DAPUS)
    DAPUS is a free e-mail alert service which allows you to receive important diagnosis-based assistance patient assistant program updates, including contact information changes, new or closed programs, new or changed applications.NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card
    If you are working with a client who does not qualify for a PAP, a PAP does not exist for a particular medication, or if the person needs a medication quickly, try using the freeNeedyMeds Drug Discount Card. No activation or registration is needed.
  • PAPTracker
    Our Patient Assistance Program software,PAPTracker, is software that expedites the PAP application process and is ideal for advocacy organizations that fill out many applications a day for patients. PAPtracker produces completed PAP applications on the manufacturer form for each application the patient needs, generates refill reminders, saves time and increases efficiency and accuracy. Limited grant funding may be available for qualified non-profits.
  • PAPShare
    Incorporate information on pharmaceutical patient assistance programs directly in your website as well as offer your site visitors a branded drug discount card.
  • NeedyMeds Brochures
    Our Brochures page gives you the option of printing our brochures in five different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Khmer.
  • NeedyMeds Events
    A yearly calendar of NeedyMeds' scheduled webinars, conferences and health fairs.

To request more information on education or outreach services, contact 978-281-6666 or emailoutreach.