How We Protect Your Information


NeedyMeds understands the importance of keeping medical information private. In light of recent news, NeedyMeds wants to reassure users of our website or helpline that we follow all Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. Our Privacy Policy explains our policy in detail.

Our training begins on the first day of work. All new employees watch a HIPAA training video in addition to one-on-one HIPAA training. All staff attends a review training every year. Periodically all staff receives HIPAA updates and HIPAA case studies.

Perhaps the best way we protect your Protected Health Information (PHI) is to never learn it in the first place. That's one of the reasons there's no enrollment, registration, or sign-in to use any of the information on our website. Callers to our helpline may be asked about their diagnosis only so we can help the caller find additional sources of assistance. However, you don't need to provide any PHI if you don't want to.

NeedyMeds receives reports on the use of our drug discount card. The reports have details on the drug obtained, the pharmacy, the prescriber, and the costs. What's missing from that list are two items: patient information and diagnosis. We could get that information, but we don't want it. That's the best way to protect your PHI!

We never share, trade, or sell any information we have about users of our website, participants in programs we administer, attend any of our webinars, or subscribers to any of our newsletters.

We have a HIPAA point person who has taken special HIPAA training. He monitors all access, use, transmission, and storage of PHI. If you have any questions he can be reached at