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CSL Behring Care Coordination Center

Provided by: CSL Behring

TEL: Closed Program

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Patient Assistance Applications


Generic Name


Eligibility Requirements   

Insurance Status Determined case by case
Those with Part D Eligible? No
Income Not disclosed
Diagnosis/Medical Criteria Medically appropriate condition/diagnosis
US Residency Required? Must be citizen or legal resident


Obtaining Call. *See Additional Information section below
Receiving Faxed or mailed
Returning Fax
Doctor's Action Will be discussed with patient and Doctor after request is received
Applicant's Action Call for information or inform doctor that he/she is in need
Decision Communicated Decision made during phone screening
Decision Timeframe Not specified


Amount/Supply Varies
Sent To Varies
Delivery Time Not specified
Refill Process Not specified
Limit Varies
Re-application Varies

Additional Information

Closed Program Since drug availability changes based on inventory, call to make sure requested drug is available.

This program lists medications that may be covered under a different CSL Behring savings program: Contact Program for more details
*877-355-4447: Carimune, Hizentra & Privigen
*866-936-2472: Zemaira

The Berinert Copay BEnefit covers up to $12,000 in eligible out-of-pocket expenses per year.
Patient must be diagnosed with HAE (Hereditary Angleodema)

Assurance Program: Once enrolled in the Program, Patient will begin earning an Award Certificate for every 3 consecutive months of therapy use. Each Certificate is worth a 1-month supply of therapy (up to the maximum amount redeemable) and can be redeemed in the event of a lapse in insurance.

Updated October 11, 2018