Program Name List


As of 10/18/2018 information on 364 programs and companies. The list includes companies that don't have patient assistance programs. We include these companies so you know they don't have one.

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Baraclude All in One Access Program
Bausch Health Patient Assistance Program
Bayer Access Solutions  (no active program)
Bayer Patient Assistance Program  (no active program)
Bayer US Patient Assistance Foundation Free Drug Program
Benlysta Gateway Co-Pay Assistance Program
Benlysta Gateway Patient Assistance Program
Berinert Connect
Betaseron Patient Assistance Program  (no active program)
BioMarin RareConnections Support Program
Bioventus Patient Assistance Program
BMS Access Support for Oncology
BMS Access Support for Rheumatology
BMS Access Support Kidney Transplant Support
BMS Oncology Co-Pay Program (Opdivo & Yervoy Regimen)
BMS3assist Co-Pay Assist
Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation Patient Assistance Program
Botox Patient Assistance Program
Brain Tumor Treatment Co-payment Assistance Program  (This program is currently not accepting new patients )
Bristol-Myers Squibb Access Virology Patient Assistance Program
Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation
ByMySide Support Program