Health Savings News — A NeedyMeds' Podcast

Health Savings News

Welcome to NeedyMeds' new podcast, Health Savings News, your guide to saving on healthcare costs.

Healthcare costs are out of control. It is a huge problem that is a major financial burden on us all. And though we have a good idea about what is causing this, nobody seems to be able to do anything to improve the healthcare system. For the moment it is up to you to find ways to reduce the cost of your healthcare.

Many people feel that they can't afford to stay healthy. With the cost of health insurance premiums, doctor visits, medications, lab tests, surgery, proper healthcare can seem like a luxury to some. Nice to think about, but too expensive to rely on or fit into their budget. Instead they simply try to stay out of the doctor's office and hope for the best.

NeedyMeds is committed to helping people become wise and educated consumers of healthcare. This commitment includes helping people find ways to save on healthcare costs. We created the Health Savings News Podcast as a vehicle for informing people of savings tips.

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