PAPShare, a NeedyMeds' service, offers non-profit organizations a way to incorporate information on prescription assistance programs (PAPs) directly into their websites plus offer their visitors a branded drug discount card.

How It works

The information is incorporated into the organization's website via technology that uses the data from the NeedyMeds' website. To the user, it appears as if the information is part of the organization's website. The page will have our drug search box and the ability to search drugs by brand or generic name. The PAP information will be the same as what the user would find on the NeedyMeds' program page. And the user will be able to download PAP applications.

NeedyMeds will supply all the necessary code, help with the page design (if needed), and provide technical support to get the service up and running.

Test it out to see how it works. When you see the Drug Search tool, type in a brand name or generic name drug for which there is a PAP (e.g. acyclovir). Click on the Drug Search link to be directed to the program page.

NeedyMeds' Drug Discount Card

The NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card provides users with savings of up to 80% off the cash price of prescription drugs, OTCs and medical supplies written as a prescription, and pet prescriptions purchased at a pharmacy. Currently the drug discount card is saving users nearly $4 million per month with average savings of 50% per prescription.

The PAPShare offer includes a plastic co-branded drug discount card plus a downloadable card for the organization's website. A logo plus any other information (e.g., website address, phone number) can be incorporated into the card design.

Interested? For more information on PAPShare, email NeedyMeds' President, Rich Sagall, M.D. or call 978-281-6666.