$250,000 PAPTracker Grant Program



This grant program is designed for free-standing, not-for-profit organizations that help individuals apply for free medicines through pharmaceutical patient assistance programs (PAPs). The grants of up to $2000 each will cover the cost of NeedyMeds PAPTracker software.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. One or more years of continuous operation
  2. Currently assists clients/patients in applying to PAPs
  3. Works with clients/patients face-to-face
  4. Non-profit organization — preferably 501(c)(3)
  5. Is a free-standing organization that is not a division or program of a larger entity
  6. Has at least one computer and printer that can be dedicated to PAP enrollment and management

Grant Specifics:

  1. Grant funds are credit for use of PAPTracker software
  2. Grantees receive a grant of up to $2000
  3. Monthly usage is deducted from the credit following our normal billing procedure
  4. No cash refunds if the entire grant is not used
  5. Grant is not transferable without permission of NeedyMeds

Grantee's Obligations:

  1. Participate in any publicity NeedyMeds generates for this program
  2. Participate in grant evaluation activities
  3. Offer the NeedyMeds drug discount card either as our card or participate in a drug discount card partnership
  4. Make a good-faith effort to obtain funding to continue to use PAPTracker after the grant expires

Application Process:

  1. View the mandatory pre-grant webinar
  2. Complete and return grant application

For more information or to access the webinar recording, email grants@needymeds.org.