National Application Assistance


These programs provide assistance for those who want to get their medications through pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs. All are free or charge a small amount. Most help people in limited geographic areas.

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4 National Help with Paperwork Programs

Program Name Who is helped
Chronic RX - Helps you afford your medicine Any needy resident of the USA who can not afford their medications. Online application available.
Medicine for the Heart Low income individuals with no prescription coverage who need help with their heart related medications and who reside in the USA. Heart related medications include those related to blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.; see web site for complete list.
Patient Assistance Program Navigation Individuals (including family members) with Leukemia, especially Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, who can not afford their medications.
Rx Specialty Services, Inc. - National Patient Advocacy Group Any low-income person that needs assistance.