One way NeedyMeds strives to meet our mission of helping patients in need is by sharing our information with organizations that reach out to this population. We do this by licensing the use of our information. Our licensees, be they for-profit or non-profit organizations, help spread the word about the many programs that assist people with unaffordable or financially overwhelming medical costs.

Our Information

NeedyMeds takes great pride in the accuracy and completeness of the information on our website. Daily, our team of researchers scour the web for additional programs and update those we currently list. We make 50-100 changes or additions to our data every day, and some days it's many more.

We have defined standards for maintaining the accuracy of our data. For example, we check every coupon on the website every month while the information of each free/low cost/sliding scale clinic is validated every six months. No information is more than six months old.

Our databases available for licensing are:

  • Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs
    Programs mostly run by pharmaceutical companies that provide generally free medicine to people who meet specific eligibility requirements.

  • Diagnosis-Based Assistance
    These programs provide assistance based on the individuals diagnosis. The assistance may be with housing, transportation, co-pays, medication costs, or grants to help with special equipment or the cost of living.

  • Free/Low-Cost/Sliding Scale Clinics
    This is a list of clinics that provide medical and dental care at no or reduced cost for those who meet specific financial guidelines.

  • Coupons
    Coupon savings are available for many prescription and over-the-counter medications, medical and home care supplies, and other products.

  • State Programs
    Many states provide special help for residents diagnosed with certain medical conditions. This database covers all of these programs.

  • Help with Prescription Assistance Applications
    Many organizations provide assistance to people who have difficulty finding appropriate programs and completing the application process.

  • Camps & Retreats/Scholarships
    This is a list of diagnosis-based Camps & Retreats. They may be for patients with a medical condition or in some cases for family members of the patient.

  • Scholarships
    This is a list of diagnosis-based Scholarships. They may be for patients with a medical condition or in some cases for family members of the patient.