HealthWeb Navigator


Can you trust what you read on medical websites? Not always! That's where HealthWeb Navigator (HWN) comes in. HWN resembles a guidebook that shows the most favorable and least favorable places to visit on the Web. Our goal is to help consumers use the Internet to find the most useful information for their healthcare needs.

Our staff constantly searches the Internet to find healthcare websites that consumers frequent most often. Our external review panel then evaluates these websites. These unpaid volunteers have backgrounds in health care, business, education, consumerism, and patient advocacy.

Each website is scored by several reviewers on content, readability, usability, and design. Based on this evaluation, the website is assigned a final rating of one to five stars. Websites listed in HWN are constantly evaluated for content and maintenance of quality. Our search for new websites is a continuous process. Promising websites are reviewed quarterly.

The websites are listed under Topics that represent major categories of health information. Each topic has Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide background.

HWN is a free, non-profit service funded by grants, donations, and significant effort from volunteers. Our goal is to help consumers become more informed about health care. However, we have no responsibility for any website's content, including medical advice. You should discuss any medical issues with your health care provider.

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