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l-methylfolate (Deplin) Tablet
labetalol (Trandate)
labetalol Tablet
lacosamide (Vimpat)
lacosamide (Vimpat) Tablet
lactulose (Enulose)
lactulose (Kristalose) Oral Solution
lactulose Oral Solution
lactulose Syrup
lamivudine (Epivir)
lamivudine (Epivir-HBV)
lamivudine (Epivir-HBV) Oral Solution
lamivudine (Epivir-HBV) Tablet
lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil (Cimduo)
lamivudine/zidovudine (Combivir)
lamotrigine (Lamictal ODT) Patient Titration Kit
lamotrigine (Lamictal XR)
lamotrigine (Lamictal XR) Patient Titration Kit
lamotrigine (Lamictal)
lamotrigine (Lamictal) Starter Kit
lamotrigine Tablet
lamotrigine Tablet; Chewable
lanadelumab (Takhzyro)
lanreotide acetate (Somatuline Depot)
lanreotide acetate (Somatuline Depot) Injection
lansoprazole (Prevacid 24HR) Capsule; Delayed Release
lansoprazole (Prevacid SoluTab) Tablet; Delayed Release
lansoprazole (Prevacid)
lansoprazole Capsule; Delayed Release
lanthanum carbonate (Fosrenol)
lapatinib ditosylate (Tykerb)
lapatinib ditosylate (Tykerb) Tablet
laronidase (Aldurazyme)
laronidase (Aldurazyme) Vial
latanoprost (Xalatan)
latanoprost (Xalatan) Ophthalmic Solution/Drops
latanoprostene bunod (Vyzulta)
lecithin (MimyX) Cream
ledipasvir/sofosbuvir (Harvoni)
ledipasvir/sofosbuvir (Harvoni) Tablet
leflunomide (Arava)
lenalidomide (Revlimid)
lenalidomide (Revlimid) Capsule
lenses (PureVision Contact Lenses by Bausch and Lomb) Contact Lenses
lenvatinib (Lenvima)
lenvatinib (Lenvima) Capsule
lesinurad (Zurampic)
letermovir (Prevymis)
letrozole (Femara)
letrozole (Femara) Tablet
letrozole Tablet
leucovorin calcium
leucovorin calcium Tablet
leuprolide acetate (Eligard)
leuprolide acetate (Eligard) Injection
leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot)
leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot) Injection
leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot-PED) Injection
leuprolide acetate (Lupron)
leuprolide acetate/norethindrone acetate (Lupaneta Pack) Injection and Tablet
levalbuterol (Xopenex)
levalbuterol tartrate
levalbuterol tartrate (Xopenex HFA)
levamisole (Ergamisol)
levetiracetam (Keppra XR)
levetiracetam (Keppra)
levetiracetam (Spritam)
levobunolol Ophthalmic Solution
levocetirizine (Xyzal)
levocetirizine dihydrochloride Tablet
levofloxacin Tablet
levoleucovorin calcium (Fusilev)
levoleucovorin calcium (Fusilev) Injection
levoleucovorin calcium Injection
levomilnacipran (Fetzima Titration Pack) Capsule; Extended Release-Titration Pack
levomilnacipran (Fetzima) Capsule; Extended Release
levonorgestrel (Kyleena)
levonorgestrel (Liletta) Intrauterine Device
levonorgestrel (Plan B One-Step) Tablet
levonorgestrel (Skyla)
levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (Mirena)
levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol/ferrous bisglycinate (Balcoltra)
levothyroxine (Levoxyl)
levothyroxine (Levoxyl) Tablet
levothyroxine (Synthroid)
levothyroxine (Synthroid) Tablet
levothyroxine (Tirosint)
levothyroxine (Tirosint) Capsule
levothyroxine (Unithroid)
levothyroxine sodium (Levo-T)
levothyroxine Tablet
lidocaine (Lidoderm)
lidocaine (LMX) Cream; Anesthetic
lidocaine (RectiCare) Cream
lidocaine (Restylane Lyft) Injectable Gel
lidocaine (Restylane Silk) Injectable Gel
lidocaine Injection
lidocaine prilocaine Cream
lidocaine Solution; Topical
lidocaine Solution; Viscous
lifitegrast (Xiidra) Ophthalmic Solution
linaclotide (Linzess)
linaclotide (Linzess) Capsule
linagliptin (Tradjenta)
linagliptin (Tradjenta) Tablet
linagliptin-metformin (Jentadueto XR)
linagliptin/metformin (Jentadueto)
linagliptin/metformin (Jentadueto) Tablet
lincomycin (Lincocin)
lincomycin (Lincocin) Injection
linezolid (Zyvox)
linezolid (Zyvox) Tablet
liothyronine sodium (Cytomel)
liothyronine sodium (Cytomel) Tablet
liothyronine sodium Tablet
lipophilic 0.1 (Hydrocortisone Butyrate) Cream
liraglutide (rDNA origin) (Saxenda) Injection
liraglutide (rDNA origin) (Victoza) Injection
lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (Vyvanse)
lisinopril (Prinivil)
lisinopril (Qbrelis)
lisinopril (Zestril)
lisinopril Tablet
lisinopril/hydrochlorothiazide (Prinzide)
lithium carbonate
lithium carbonate (Lithobid)
lithium carbonate Capsule
lithium carbonate Tablet
lithium carbonate Tablet; Extended Release
lixisenatide (Adlyxin)
lodoxamide tromethamine
lofexidine (Lucemyra)
lomitapide (Juxtapid)
lomustine (CeeNU)
lomustine (Gleostine)
loperamide (Imodium A-D)
loperamide Capsule
lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra)
lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra) Oral Solution
loratadine (Childrens Claritin Products) Chewable, Syrup, Reditab
loratadine (Claritin Products) Tablet, Liqui-gels, ReadyTabs
loratadine (Claritin)
loratadine Syrup
loratadine Tablet
loratadine/antihistamine/pseudoephedrine (Claritin-D Products) Tablet, Liqui-gels, ReadyTabs
lorazepam (Ativan)
lorcaserin (Belviq XR)
lorcaserin (Belviq) Tablet
losartan (Cozaar)
losartan Tablet
loteprednol etabonate (Alrex)
loteprednol etabonate (Lotemax Ointment) Ophthalmic Ointment
loteprednol etabonate (Lotemax)
loteprednol etabonate ophthalmic (Lotemax Gel) Ophthalmic Gel
loteprednol etabonate/tobramycin (Zylet)
loteprednol etabonate/tobramycin (Zylet) Ophthalmic Suspension/Drops
loteprednol ophthalmic (Alrex) Ophthalmic Suspension/Drops
lovastatin (Altoprev)
lovastatin (Mevacor)
lovastatin niacin (Advicor)
lovastatin Tablet
loxapine succinate
lubiprostone (Amitiza)
lubiprostone (Amitiza) Capsule
lubricant (Clear Eyes Maximum Strength Redness Relief) Drops
lubricant (Clear Eyes Natural Tears) Drops
lubricant (Clear Eyes Redness Relief) Drops
lubricant (First Response Pre-Seed Lubricant) Gel
lubricant eye solution (Systane Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops) Ophthalmic Solution
luliconazole (Luzu)
luliconazole (Luzu) Cream
lumacaftor/vacaftor (Orkambi)
lumacaftor/vacaftor (Orkambi) Tablet
lurasidone (Latuda) Tablet

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