Tax Return Request Forms

Users have asked that we add certain forms they use on a regular basis. Please contact webmaster if you other forms that should be on this list.

Form Name Form Number
Request for Copy of Tax Return (IRS) 4506
Request for Transcript of Tax Return 4506-T

In applying for some patient assistance programs, form 4506-T needs to be completed and submitted for patients who do not file federal income tax. In getting the verification from the IRS with form 4506-T, we have some helpful tips for patients:

  1. Legibility is very important. Submitting a form with errors that have been crossed out or whited-out are generally not accepted. It's better to start over with a new form.
  2. Instead of filling out the form by hand, complete the form online, print it out and have it signed.
  3. Enter contact information on line 5 of the form to have the tax information mailed directly to you. A letter will be sent out from the IRS if they are not able to provide that information to you.
  4. Correct any discrepancies from past years in using form 4506-T, such as an address change.