The Neuropathy Diagnosis Information page is a collaborative project of NeedyMeds and the Neuropathy Action Foundation. It is intended to provide information on Neuropathy and to help those with Neuropathy find assistance paying for their medications.

"Neuropathy", translated as "disease of nerve", means the disease is occurring to nerve tissue outside the brain and spinal cord. This includes injury of nerves to muscles (motor nerves), nerves from the skin (sensory nerves), and/or nerves to the gut and other internal organs (autonomic nerves). Common symptoms of neuropathy include tingling and other spontaneous sensations, altered sensations, pain, numbness, balance problems, weakness or urinary, sweating and gastrointestinal problems. The best way to repair the nerves is to identify and treat the underlying disease process causing nerve injury but there are also many options available to reduce pain and discomfort. The Neuropathy Action Foundation, a premiere patient advocacy organization, offers treatment suggestions and works to ensure neuropathy patients have access to individualized medications, IVIG and other treatments through patient empowerment and advocacy.

Below, please find a list of medications commonly used in the treatment of pain for diagnosis. Click on the hyperlink to find whether a savings program is available for that particular drug.

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Medications used in the treatment of Neuropathy

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