The Ichthyosis Diagnosis Information Page is a collaborative project of NeedyMeds and the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types (FIRST). It is intended to provide educational information and healthcare savings resources for families with children living with this diagnosis.

Ichthyosis is a family of genetic skin disorders characterized by dry, scaling skin that may be thickened or very thin. The disease usually presents at birth, or within the first year, and continues to affect the patient throughout their lifetime. Each year, more than 16,000 babies are born with some form of ichthyosis which affects people of all ages, races and gender. The genetic mutation that causes the disorder is passed from parent to child. In some cases, however, neither parent exhibits the disorder themselves, but they are carriers of the defective gene. When two carriers pass their mutated gene on to a new life, the child will inherit the disorder. In addition to the numerous medical complications like dehydration, infections, chronic blistering, overheating, and rapid-calorie loss, patients with ichthyosis are subjected to psychological issues. Patients are often ostracized and concerns of isolation, low self-esteem, and depression are common due to the appearance of their visible, chronically shedding skin. At present time there is no cure for ichthyosis, however dedicated researchers and physicians have and continue to develop effective ways to help manage the disorder.

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