Diagnosis Information Page Partnership

Diagnosis Information Pages are designed to provide helpful information for those living with a specific diagnosis. The pages include a listing of patient assistance programs for specific medications used to treat the diagnosis and programs that provide financial support for a wide range of needs related to the diagnosis.

A Diagnosis Information Page partnership is ideal for diagnosis-based organizations, offering them the opportunity to build a resource page on the NeedyMeds website. The partnering organization works with NeedyMeds to create and approve a page for the specific diagnosis. Partnering organizations also have the opportunity to include their logo and links to helpful pages on their website.

The page can be an excellent resource for the partnering organization's constituency. It is a central location on the NeedyMeds website where those with a specific diagnosis can visit and quickly find out about all of the help and resources available for their diagnosis.

For questions or additional information on a Diagnosis Information Page partnership, please contact outreach.