Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Disability - Cognitive

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Programs are listed in alphabetical order by national first then alphabetically by state.

6 Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Disability - Cognitive.

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Disability - Intellectual,  Cognitive Disability,  Intellectual Disability,  Down Syndrome,  Autism,  Asperger Syndrome,  Dementia,  Alzheimer's Disease,  ADD,  Dyslexia,  Dyscalculia,  Learning Disability,  Traumatic Brain Injury,  

Program Name Summary Services Provided Areas of Service
Hidden Angel Companion Pets Program Program places companion dogs with people diagnosed with mental and/or physical challenges. Service Animals National
Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund for Disabled Musicians Provides financial assistance to members of the American Federation of Musicians who have a disability. Financial Assistance National
Horses Helping People (HOPE) - Occupational Therapy HOPE provides equine based therapy to those with physical, psychological, or cognitive conditions. Educational/Recreational/Exercise/Therapeutic Programs; Animal-Assisted Therapy Florida - Greater Gainesville area
Aloha Independent Living Hawaii Provides independent living services and programs to individuals with disabilities. Information & Referral/Counseling Services/Case Management; Educational/Recreational/Exercise/Therapeutic Programs Hawaii
Adelante Development Center - Headquarters Provides individualized support services and assistive technology to people with mental and physical disabilities, seniors & disadvantaged populations. Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment; Food Pantry/Food Cards/Baskets; Home Health Care/Companionship; Medical Services New Mexico
EDD Adaptive Sports Children and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities are encouraged to try a variety of sports with adaptive equipment. Free of charge. Programs are offered throughout Vermont and Central NY State. Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment; Educational/Recreational/Exercise/Therapeutic Programs New York