Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Lung Diseases - all

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Programs are listed in alphabetical order by national first then alphabetically by state.

12 Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Lung Diseases - all.

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Chronic, Serious or Life Threatening Illnesses,  Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency,  Apnea,  Asthma,  Bronchitis - Chronic,  COPD,  Cystic Fibrosis,  Emphysema,  Lung Cancer,  Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell,  Lung Transplant,  Pulmonary Disease - Chronic,  Pulmonary Fibrosis,  Pulmonary Hypertension,  Respiratory Syncytial Virus,  Sleep Apnea,  Tracheotomy,  Tuberculosis,  Ventilator or CPAP Dependence,  

Program Name Summary Services Provided Areas of Service
Angel Airlines for Veterans Provides transportation to veterans who need medical treatment. Transportation Services; Travel Expenses/Gas Cards National
HealthWell Foundation - Pediatric Assistance Fund Provides financial assistance for insurance co-payments. Insurance Co-Payments National
Help Hope Live (Medical Fundraising Assistance) Supports community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical expenses and related costs due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses. *Please Note: The Organization does not provide direct patient funding.* Medical Fundraising Assistance National
Jazz Foundation of America - Housing and Emergency Assistance Provides financial assistance to members of the Jazz Foundation of America. Legal Services/Expenses; Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Medical Expenses; Financial Assistance/Grants National
Local 47 Musicians Relief Fund Provides financial assistance to members of Local 47. Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Medical Expenses National
Music Maker Relief Foundation Provides financial assistance to professional musicians. Food Pantry/Food Cards/Baskets; General; Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Medical Expenses; Financial Assistance/Grants; Educational/Recreational/Exercise/Therapeutic Programs National
Opry Trust Fund Provides financial assistance to country musicians. General; Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Lodging/Housing Services/Expenses; Medical Expenses; Expenses National
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Provides financials assistance to professional musicians. Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Financial Assistance/Grants National
California Jazz Foundation Provides financial assistance to Californian jazz artists. Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Medical Services California
Georgia Department of Public Health - Children's Medical Services (CMS) Provides financial assistance with medical care and medications for children with a medical condition covered by the program. Durable Medical Equipment; Medical Services; Medical Supplies/Expenses; Medications/Medication Expenses; Testing/Screening; Treatments and Procedures Georgia
Rambo Memorial Health Center Provides testing, screenings, vaccinations and glucometers for residents with respiratory diagnosis. Medical Supplies/Expenses; Medications/Medication Expenses; Other; Testing/Screening Ohio - Muskingum County and surrounding counties
Breathe Pennsylvania Program provides patient assistance to individuals diagnosed with a respiratory condition. Durable Medical Equipment; Equipment (Misc.)/Electronics; Medications/Medication Expenses; Information & Referral/Counseling Services/Case Management Pennsylvania - Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington and Westmoreland counties