Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Deformities

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Programs are listed in alphabetical order by national first then alphabetically by state.

3 Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Deformities.

Also look for Camps and Scholarships for Deformities

Also look for programs listed under: 

Facial Deformities,  Birth Defects - All,  Chronic, Serious or Life Threatening Illnesses,  

Program Name Summary Services Provided Areas of Service
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts Provides no cost surgery, dental care and speech therapy to children who are suffering from physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease. Treatments and Procedures; Travel Expenses/Gas Cards National
Indiana State Department of Health - Children's Special Health Care Services Provides financial assistance for treatment to families with a child who has a serious medical condition. Dental/Orthodontic Services; Durable Medical Equipment; Medical Services; Medications/Medication Expenses; Testing/Screening; Treatments and Procedures Indiana
Children's Hope Foundation Provides financial assistance to families of children with cancer, heart disease and birth defects. Food Pantry/Food Cards/Baskets; Funeral Expenses/End-of-Life Expenses; Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Lodging/Housing Services/Expenses; Meal Service/Groceries; Travel Expenses/Gas Cards; Financial Assistance/Grants; Clothing/Toys/Furniture San Juan County