Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Dialysis

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Programs are listed in alphabetical order by national first then alphabetically by state.

12 Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Dialysis.

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Kidney Disease,  Chronic, Serious or Life Threatening Illnesses,  Chronic Renal Insufficiency,  End Stage Renal Disease,  Kidney Failure,  Nephrotic Syndrome,  

Program Name Summary Services Provided Areas of Service
American Kidney Fund (AFK) - Coronavirus Emergency Fund Program provides a grant to dialysis or recent kidney transplant patients who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. Financial Assistance; COVID-19 Assistance National
American Kidney Fund (AFK) - Disaster Relief Grants Program provides grants to any dialysis patient impacted by a natural disaster. Information & Referral/Counseling Services/Case Management; Financial Assistance National
American Kidney Fund (AFK) - Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP) Provides financial assistance for insurance premiums to dialysis patients. Insurance Premiums National
American Kidney Fund (AFK) - Safety Net Grants Provides several types of assistance for treatment-related expenses to individuals who have kidney disease. Durable Medical Equipment; Insurance Co-Payments; Medical Expenses; Medical Foods and Nutritional Supplements; Medications/Medication Expenses; Travel Expenses/Gas Cards National
Bridge of Life - Kidney Care Partners Provides free screenings for individuals who are at risk for kidney disease. Treatments and Procedures National - see website for upcoming screening locations
Davita - Travel Support Program provides more than 2,500 dialysis centers nationwide for travelers regardless of where they normally dialyze. Treatments and Procedures; Travel Expenses/Gas Cards National
National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware - Jewelry Program (MedicAlert) Program provides free medical ID jewelry for dialysis and transplant patients. Medical Jewelry/Clothing/Blankets Delaware
National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware - Patient Emergency Assistance Program Program provides emergency assistance (up to $200 per year) to patients with a diagnosis of end-stage renal disease, who are on dialysis working toward transplant or participating in treatment program at a chronic kidney disease clinic. Dental/Orthodontic Services; Living Expenses/Household Expenses; Meal Service/Groceries; Medical Foods and Nutritional Supplements; Medications/Medication Expenses; Transportation Services; Travel Expenses/Gas Cards; Financial Assistance; Expenses Delaware
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services - State Chronic Renal Disease Program Provides dialysis treatment to individuals who have been diagnosed as a chronic dialysis patient. Treatments and Procedures Illinois
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services - Chronic Renal Disease Program (CRDP) Program provides financial assistance for medications and dialysis services to individuals diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Insurance Coverage; Medical Supplies/Expenses; Medications/Medication Expenses; Treatments and Procedures Nebraska
Friendship Trays Program provides nutritious delivered meals to infirm individuals in the Charlotte community who are unable to prepare their own meals. Meal Service/Groceries North Carolina - Mecklenburg County
Community Service Council - Tulsa Weather Coalition Program provides air conditioners to individuals who have a qualifying medical condition. Equipment (Misc.)/Electronics Oklahoma