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Keep in mind that a program may be listed in several categories or under a different name than you searched for. It's important to consider other ways a program may be listed.

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Tacoma Needle Exchange Program
Take a Swing at Cancer - Adult Direct Support
Take A Swing At Cancer - Child Direct Support
Take Charge! Breast/Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (BCCEDP)
Tanana Chiefs Conference - Family Directed Care
Tapestry Health Systems
Tarzana Treatment Centers
Tatum's Bags of Fun
Team Continuum - Patient/Family Assistance Program
Team Jack Travel Fund for Metatropic Dysplasia
Technology-Related Assistance Individuals -Disabilities (TRAID)
Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation (TCBF) - Financial Support
Teen with a Dream - Educational Programs
TEFRA - Care for children with disabilities
Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP)
Telecommunication Equipment Distribution (TED)
Telecommunications Access Iowa (TAI)
Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)
Telecommunications Access Program at MoAT
Telecommunications Access Program of Kansas (TAP)
Telecommunications Access Program of Kentucky (KTAP)
Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (TEDP)
Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs - At Ease Program
Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition (TBCC) - Emergency Access Fund
Tennessee Children's Special Services (CSS)
Tennessee Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund
Tennessee HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) - Ryan White Program
Tennessee Kidney Foundation
Tennessee Regulatory Authority - Telecommunications Devices Access Programs (TDAP)
Tennessee Technology Access Program (TTAP) - Device Loan
Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN)
Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation Financial Assistance Program
Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program
Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund
Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP)
Texas Oncology Foundation, Inc. - Patient Financial Assistance
Texas Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP)
Texas Technology Access Program
Texas WINGS (Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving, Sharing)
The "Care" Fund Grant Program
The Ability Center - Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence
The Ability Center - Disability-Related Equipment Loan/Gifting
The Ability Center - Disability-Related Equipment Loan/Gifting
The Ability Center - Housing Resource Center
The Ability Center - Independent Living Assistance Program
The Ability Center - Life Skills Department
The Action Center - The Betty Proctor Fund
The Angela Andrade Foundation
The Arya Foundation
The Beauty Foundation For Cancer Care
The Believe Box
The Bridge Breast Network
The Butterfly Club
The Cancer Card Xchange
The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain (TCAPP) Family Assistance Fund
The Coalition for Hemophilia B
The Crane Center - Testing Services
The Exceptional Sidekick
The Exchange - Syringe Exchange Program
The Family Resource Network (FRN)
The Gift of Hope
The Gift of Life
The Gift of Sunshine (TGOS) - The Hope Chest
The Giving Kitchen (TGK) - Crisis Grants
The Guiding Hand Foundation - Financial Assistance
The Hope For Fertility Foundation
The Inside Out Foundation
The Jane Lloyd Fund
The Jill Foundation
The Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County - Client's Rights Advocate Program
The Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County - Kids in Crisis Program
The Magic Yarn Project
The Mary Maguire Foundation - Financial Assistance
The Max Cure Foundation - Roar Beyond Barriers
The Pink Fund
The Pink Peppermint Project - Strawberry Bliss
The Pink Ribbon - Breast MRI Program
The Pink Ribbon - Mammogram Match
The Pink Ribbon - Pink Ribbon Bags
The Race Against Breast Cancer (RABC)
The ReidSleeve People - Lymphedema Alertbands Program
The Singletons
The War On Cancer Foundation
The Works Program
Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma
There With Care - Boulder
This Able Veteran
This Star Won't Go Out
Thrive Alabama
ThriveWell Cancer Foundation
Thurston County Public Health and Social Services - Syringe (Needle) Exchange Services
Tigerlily Foundation - Funds for Families Program
Tigerlily Foundation - Hope Bag Program
Tigerlily Foundation - Meals at Home
Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, Inc. - Family Building Grant
Toledo Clinic Foundation - Oncology Patient Assistance Fund
Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation
Tomorrow Fund
Tools For Life (TFL)
Topaz Canine Services - Autism
Topaz Canine Services - Mobility
Topaz Canine Services - Seizure Response
Touch Inc.
Touch the Future, Inc.
Tough Enough to Wear Pink of Montana
Town of Kennebunk ME - Medical Equipment Loan Closet
Town of Wethersfield, CT - Medical Equipment Loan Program
Trans Relief Project
Trans United with Family and Friends (TUFF)
Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia
Transgender Foundation of America (TFA) - Transgender Center
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF)
Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO)/United Airlines Travel Program
Transportation: Volunteer Driver Program
Traumatic Head and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund Program (TH/SCI)
Travelers Protective Association of America - Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired
Travis Roy Foundation
Treatment Access Program
Treva Hoffman Foundation - Patient Assistance Program
Tri City Health Partnership
Tri-City Health Center - HIV/AIDS Program
Tri-County Cancer Coalition
Trillium Health - Syringe Exchange Program
Triple Step Toward the Cure
Tubie Friends
Tulsa Speech and Hearing Association
Two Angels Foundation