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Amgen Safety Net Foundation

This program provides medication at no cost.

Provided by: Amgen, Inc.

TEL: 888-762-6436

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish

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Brand Name Medications Covered

  • Aimovig
  • Neupogen vial
  • Aranesp vial
  • Nplate injectable; subcutaneous
  • Blincyto injection
  • Parsabiv
  • Corlanor tablet
  • Prolia injectable; subcutaneous
  • Enbrel
  • Repatha
  • Epogen injection (for dialysis only)
  • Sensipar tablet
  • Imlygic
  • Vectibix
  • Kyprolis injection
  • Xgeva
  • Neulasta

Generic Name

  • blinatumomab injection
  • etelcalcetide
  • carfilzomib injection
  • evolocumab
  • cinacalcet tablet
  • filgrastim vial
  • darbepoetin alfa vial
  • ivabradine tablet
  • denosumab
  • panitumumab
  • denosumab injectable; subcutaneous
  • pegfilgrastim
  • epoetin alfa injection (for dialysis only)
  • romiplostim injectable; subcutaneous
  • erenumab-aooe
  • talimogene laherparepvec
  • etanercept

Eligibility Requirements   

Insurance Status Must be uninsured or underinsured
Those with Part D Eligible? Varies
Income At or below 500% of FPL
Diagnosis/Medical Criteria *See Additional Information section below
US Residency Required? Yes, must have lived in the US or its territories for 6 months or longer.


Obtaining Call or download from Programs website
Receiving Mailed or downloaded from website
Returning Fax or mail from Doctor's office
Doctor's Action Complete section, sign, attach required documents
Applicant's Action Complete section and sign
Decision Communicated Patient and Doctor are notified
Decision Timeframe Varies


Amount/Supply Amount requested is sent
Sent To Address of shipment varies by medication
Delivery Time Varies
Refill Process Determined on a case by case basis
Limit Not specified
Re-application Varies

Additional Information

Please visit for more information or visit for product information.

* Diagnosis is required if patient has insurance.

Updated September 28, 2018