Last Updated: September 06, 2018

EyeCare America - The Glaucoma Program

American Academy of Ophthalmology
655 Beach St
San Francisco, CA 94109

TEL: 877-887-6327

FAX: 415-561-8567

Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish, and other languages powered by google translate
Program Website

Services Provided

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Testing/Screening
  • Information & Referral/Counseling Services
  • US citizen or legal alien
  • Have not had an eye exam in 12 months or more
  • Have increased risk for glaucoma (family history, race, age)
  • Do not belong to an HMO or the VA



Program Details

Program provides glaucoma eye exams at no cost to eligible at-risk individuals.

Application Process

  • Contact the program.