If your medicine is not listed, then here are some options:

  • Check NeedyMeds.org regularly as healthcare savings programs change often.
  • Call our helpline at 1-800-503-6897. Our counselors are here to help.
  • Can your doctor prescribe a different drug that is more affordable, such as a generic, or a medication that has a savings program?
  • Look for PAPs for all your medicines, even the less-expensive drugs to help your budget.
  • Search for other types of healthcare savings on this website:
    1. Co-pay Cards: These cards help lower the amount you have to pay when you get prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.
    2. Coupons, Rebates & More: This section contains offers of brand name medications (both over-the-counter and prescription) and medical supplies.
    3. Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs: Lists programs that help people living with a certain diagnosis afford their medical costs.
    4. $4 Generic Discount Drug Programs: Check out this section for generic medications available at discounted prices.
    5. Government Programs: Lists state or local government programs that provide medical or financial services to residents.
    6. NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card: This card can be used to save on the cash price of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and medical equipment.