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306 W Morningside DR
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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Childhood Diseases - All, Cognitive Disability, Developmental Disability, Disability - Cognitive, Disability - Developmental, Down Syndrome, Hearing Loss, Learning Disability, Motor Disorders, Neurologic, Brain, and Seizure disorders, Special Needs, Special Needs (Childhood Disability), Visual Impairment National

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Individuals with disabilities including cognitive, learning, motor, hearing, and visual impairments, genetic disorders, and neurological disorders. There are no restrictions based on the level of cognitive ability, restriction of mobility, or lack of communication skills. Ages 10-21. Performing arts program for individuals with disabilities ages 10-21. The Penguin Project utilizes a “peer mentor” system, linking each young artist with an age level peer who does not have a disability. The peer-mentors work side-by-side with their partners, assisting them throughout the entire rehearsal process and on stage. The mentors are responsible for knowing all of the lines, songs, and blocking of their partners. They are on-stage during the production, costumed to match or compliment their partners. They participate in the group production numbers, but are trained to remain “in the background” and provide direct assistance to their partner only as needed. Penguin Project sessions take place in various locations throughout the Eastern and Central US. See program website for details.

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Contact the program directly to apply Mail To: Penguin Project
306 W Morningside DR
Peoria IL 61614

Last Updated: July 09, 2018