NeedyMeds Brochures


NeedyMeds brochures are a way to spread the word about the NeedyMeds site, PAPs and other resources.

Our NeedyMeds' brochure describes resources for saving on your medications and healthcare costs. You can select from the five language options below to print a copy as a PDF or visit the Order Print Materials page to order quantities of 5, 10, or 20 information packets at no cost.

Additional brochures

Download our other brochures that provide information on: How NeedyMeds can help your employees save on healthcare costs Business Brochure; Safe Needle Disposal brochure, in English and Spanish, to learn how to safely and legally dispose of at-home generated used sharps; PAPTracker, our web-based software that streamlines the PAP application process; our Partnership brochure explaining partnering opportunities and how we can help your organization; Healthcare Savings Booklet, also in English and Spanish, an easy-to-read information booklet explaining all of NeedyMeds' healthcare-saving resources with tear-out drug discount card; and our Drug Discount Foldover, a quick guide on the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card with a pocket for holding your card.

Printing Pointers

If you are having trouble with printing a brochure, here are some solutions to possible printing problems.

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Click HERE to go to the Adobe site if you need to update your version.
  • Make sure the checkbox on the print options screen is set to "Print as Image."
  • You may need to reboot (restart) your printer and/or your computer.