Supporting Partners and Editorial Policy


Supporting Partners Policy

NeedyMeds develops and maintains relationships with organizations that provide needed services and are committed to supporting affordable healthcare. Supporters undergo a thorough review process to ensure that their services or products meet NeedyMeds' high expectations for quality and service. If your organization is interested in becoming a supporting partner, please contact us at

Supporting partnerships are not guaranteed and will only be considered if the organization's services or products have been determined to specifically align with NeedyMeds' mission and policies. We reserve the right to decline consideration of an organization, product or service as we deem appropriate.

Editorial Policy

All written material on NeedyMeds is reviewed by the NeedyMeds president, Dr. Rich Sagall, for accuracy and balance of opinion. The intent of our written material is to inform and clarify issues concerning affordable medication and healthcare solutions. Our website offers banners and links for our sponsors and partners and our editorial and information content is free of any commercial influence.