NeedyMeds Volunteer Ambassador Program


NeedyMeds frequently receives requests from advocates across the country looking to help spread the word in their communities about NeedyMeds' resources. The Volunteer Ambassador Program (VAP) provides this opportunity for interested individuals to become an active member of the NeedyMeds' team.

The Volunteer Ambassador Program is ideal for 1) individuals who are just starting out in the field of advocacy, 2) Advocates who are already familiar with NeedyMeds and wish to help connect their community with healthcare resources, and 3) Individuals who are regular users of NeedyMeds and are interested in becoming more directly involved with our organization.

The Volunteer Ambassador Program will provide comprehensive training on how to use and promote our resources. The ambassador will be the go-to person in his or her area representing NeedyMeds and will be able to respond to questions from community organizations, provide presentations on how to access our resources, and participate in community resource fairs.

Each NeedyMeds Volunteer Ambassador will receive the following:

  • NeedyMeds business cards with the local ambassador's name and contact information
  • NeedyMeds print materials
  • NeedyMeds drug discount cards with a special ID number enabling NeedyMeds to track the savings generated by the ambassador's cards.
  • Various PowerPoint presentations with scripts for presentations to community, each specific to the group or event
  • Regular mail and phone support from NeedyMeds staff
  • Assistance with custom-designed promotional materials


If you're interested in becoming a NeedyMeds Volunteer Ambassador, please contact