Speaker's Bureau


We are happy to present at your conference or meeting. Our presentations are designed to meet the needs of your specific group. We can either come in person or give the presentation remotely as a webinar.

The presentation covers:

  • How to best find assistance on the NeedyMeds website
  • The types of assistance available
  • How to maximize savings with our drug discount card

In Person

A NeedyMeds staff person can come to your meeting. The presentation is about 45 minutes and customized to your audience's interests. He/she can talk about various aspects of being uninsured or underinsured and how to find assistance.


NeedyMeds can do a presentation at your facility using the GoToMeeting platform. It's almost the same as if we were present in the room. All you need is a computer with Internet access and a telephone.

The presentation is perfect for staff meetings, educational sessions, support groups, etc. With an LCD projector and a speaker phone, any number of people can join. The technology allows for questions from the audience.

There is no cost for a webinar.

If you are interested in having a speaker give this presentation, Email us.