Scholarship by Scholarship Name - List


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There are 4 scholarships beginning with Q

Scholarship Name Summary Diseases Residency of Applicant
QIFC Scholarship Scholarships to eligible Larimer County students who are deaf or hard of hearing, or speech impaired (or pursuing a career in those fields) and in need of college funding. Deafness, Hearing Loss, Hearing or Ear Conditions, Speech Impairment Colorado; Larimer County
Quality of Life Assurance Program Assists young cancer survivors ages 17-21 in reaching their educational and employment goals. Cancers, Childhood Cancer New Hampshire
Quell Fighter Scholarship Scholarship awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student who is being treated for a diagnosed mental health condition. Mental Illnesses, Mental Disability, Disability - Mental National
Quell Survivor Scholarship Scholarship is awarded to select undergraduate students who have experienced the devastating loss of a parent or caregiver to suicide. Bereavement, Suicide - Affected By National