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There are 20 scholarships beginning with L

Scholarship Name Summary Diseases Residency of Applicant
Landmark College Endowment Scholarships Over 10 scholarships, ranging from $500 to $15,000, are awarded to students who have proven financial need, and other specific requirements. Learning Disability National
Landmark College Scholarships Scholarship awards range from $5,000 to $30,000 and are based on financial need. Learning Disability National
Larry Dean Davis Scholarship Fund Educational scholarships will be awarded to survivors of childhood cancer. Childhood Cancer, Brain Cancer/Tumors Georgia
Laura's Legacy Scholarship Two scholarships offered to San Luis county residents who have been affected by cancer Cancers, Cancer - All in a loved one, Childhood Cancer California; San Luis Obispo county
Law Office of David P. Shapiro - Autism Scholarship Program provides a $1000 educational scholarship for individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD/Autism). Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Autism, Asperger Syndrome National
Lawrence Madeiros Memorial Scholarship A scholarship will be awarded to a graduating high school senior living with a chronic disorder and continuing their education. Lupus, Bleeding/Clotting Disorders, Hemophilia, Crohn's Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic, Childhood Diseases - Chronic, Asperger Syndrome, All Diseases, Blood Disorders, Dyslexia, Legg Perthe Disease, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention Disorders National
Leading by Legacy Good Neighbor Scholarship Scholarships in the amount of $500-$1,000 awarded annually to youth who have been directly impacted by a violent event. Trauma, Domestic Violence, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Sexual Violence National
Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa Scholarships Scholarships awarded to high-school seniors with learning disabilities seeking to pursue post-secondary education. Learning Disability National
Leonard Family Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship Provides scholarships for current cancer patients, survivors and/or amputees. Must be a business major or related field with a desire to pursue career in food service industry and potentially own & operate a restaurant. Cancers National
Leukemia & Lymphoma Law School Scholarship Scholarship offered to a student seeking to attend law school in the U.S. who has been affected either directly by leukemia or lymphoma or by that of a family member. Child with a parent or sibling who has or had cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma - Various Types National
LHF Scholarship Offers a scholarship to Louisiana students with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders; attending a college, vocational or trade school. Bleeding/Clotting Disorders, Hemophilia Louisiana
Life Lessons Scholarship Program A scholarship program for students ages 17-24 who lost a parent(s) from cancer. Cancer - All in a loved one, Bereavement National
Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow's Leaders Scholarship Awards 11 scholarships at $5,000 each, 5 scholarships at $4,000 each and 5 scholarships at $3,000 each to students that will be incoming college freshmen, and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes, Diabetes - Juvenile, Juvenile Diabetes National
Lisa Higgins-Hussman Foundation Scholarship Awards a $2500 scholarship to a young adult ages 15-35 affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis or a parent/guardian or sibling. Cancers, Child with a parent or sibling who has or had cancer, Cancer - All in a loved one Maryland
District of Columbia
Living Breath Foundation Scholarship Foundation provides scholarship grants to individuals diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis Arizona
Los Angeles DUI Attorney Scholarship A $1,000 scholarship for students with diabetes whom are enrolled in or accepted to a U.S university or college. Juvenile Diabetes, Diabetes, Diabetes - Juvenile National
Louie Family Foundation Scholarship Program provides a scholarship to high school students that have shown exceptional levels of achievement and are planning to attend college or a university. Preference is given to students with a documented serious medical disability. Chronic, Serious or Life Threatening Illnesses National
Louise J. Snow Endowed Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students Annual award given to students at all levels of education from high-school senior upward who have disabilities. Disability - Mobility, Disability - Emotional, Disability - Developmental, Disability - Physical, Disability - Mental, Disability - Cognitive, Disability Requiring Assistive Technology, Special Needs, Developmental Disability, Cognitive Disability National
LPA College and Vocational Scholarships Prospective and current undergraduate or graduate students who are affected by dwarfism and family members of individuals who belong to the Little People of America (LPA) organization. Students with dwarfism who are members of the LPA will be given preference.
Dwarfism National
LTZ Scholarship Award Program provides scholarship awards to students diagnosed with significant bilateral hearing loss accepted at an accredited non-profit school. Hearing Loss, Hearing or Ear Conditions National