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Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Resource Page

The Liver Cancer Resource page is a collaborative project of NeedyMeds and the American Liver Foundation. It is intended to provide information on liver cancer and to streamline and simplify the way those with liver disease may find assistance paying for their medications.

Liver cancer refers to the growth of malignant tumors in liver tissue. Cancer that starts in the liver is called primary liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Cancer that spreads to the liver from another organ is called metastatic liver cancer.
Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) are programs offered by pharmaceutical companies to help those most in need gain access to their medications at no or low cost. Each program has varying financial and insurance guidelines - when in doubt, call the program. To find the specific PAP information for a specific drug click on the list below. You will then be taken to a listing of all the programs available for that medication.

NeedyMeds and the American Liver Foundation neither promote nor endorse the therapies listed below nor the supporters of this page. This page is for educational purposes only.
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Medications used in the treatment of Liver Cancer.
Blue names means the drug is available through a Patient Assistance Program; an asterisk indicates the drug is not currently available through a patient assistance program:

Nexavar (sorafenib)


Other Sources of Assistance:

For those without insurance or unable to pay for a visit with a physician, NeedyMeds has compiled a nationwide list of free, low cost, and sliding scale clinics. Click HERE to find the clinic nearest you.