Radiology Imaging Centers

There are currently 6547 imaging centers in this database that offer imaging services.

Choosing a healthcare facility that caters to your health needs and your financial needs equally is of the utmost importance. With the new Radiology Imaging Centers database, users have the freedom to choose the facility that best fits their needs in a market that, until now, lacked a means for comparison.

Facility pricing, procedures, and policies change year to year. The prices provided are estimates of the cash paying price made by the facility, which can vary based on an individual's specific needs and health, as well as any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. With this in mind we aim for accuracy in our information, which is why we update the database every six months. Even with our proactive update schedule in place it is possible that facilities will change some of their information in between our updates. For this reason, we ask you to please contact the facility prior to your decision to verify your inquiries.

When searching with "Other" Procedure Categories you will be provided with a cash-paying price estimate of what your unlisted procedure MAY cost at that facility by averaging the facility's listed prices for that type of exam. There is a fixed set of procedures to choose from for each exam type category. In most cases, facilities perform a larger set of procedures than we display. After performing your search, there is a terminology glossary available on each page to better assist you.

You must select the procedure and enter either the ZIP code or State to find imaging centers in your area. Add your address so we can provide directions and distance from you to the center:

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