Patient Assistance Resource Education (PARE)


What is PARE?

A web-based, self-paced tutorial designed to teach medical office staff and other healthcare workers how to better help their patients facing problems affording their medications and healthcare costs.


  1. Ideal for physicians, other healthcare professionals and clinics looking for staff educational opportunities and advancement.
  2. In a busy office environment, staff will learn what they can do with a limited amount of time spent with each patient.
  3. For a small fee, the program can be purchased for staff to complete at their convenience.
  4. Those who finish the program will receive a Certificate of Completion for their professional portfolio.

What Will Students Learn From PARE?

  1. Similar to the information discussed in a webinar, they will learn how to enroll patients into assistance programs they qualify for.
  2. Lessons include how to access:
    - Pharmaceutical patient assistance programs
    - Resources that help with costs associated with living with chronic diseases
    - Coupons and rebates available on prescription and over-the-counter medications
    - The NeedyMeds drug discount card that can save your patients up to 80% off the cost
       of medications
  3. Students will gain an understanding of the various levels of assistance they can provide patients, depending on what is appropriate for the population they serve.

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