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Generic Assistance Program Closing

We Need Your Support

NeedyMeds is proud to announce that through the Generic Assistance Program nearly 2,000 people received their generic medication for free for an entire year! We now find ourselves in the sad position of making another announcement: as of midnight, December 31st, we will be suspending acceptance of applications unless or until more funds are raised. Please help us continue this program by making a donation to the GAP Campaign on our medical crowdfunding website, HEALfundr and spread the word by sharing this link on your social media outlets. Join us in helping people and families most in need have a healthy 2016.

Over Saved
With NeedyMeds Drug Card

  • Save on Your Prescriptions

    The NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card may save you up to 80% off the cost of your prescriptions, OTC medications and pet prescriptions purchased from a pharmacy. Download a card and start saving.

  • Generic Assistance Program (GAP)

    GAP offers over 20 generic medications at no cost to people who meet the program eligibility guidelines.
    Due to lack of funding, we cannot accept new applications as of midnight, December 31, 2015. We need your support to continue this program.

  • NeedyMeds Announces $4 Generic Discount Drug Programs

    NeedyMeds is proud to announce the newest database to help individuals find the best price for their medicine — $4 Generic Discount Drugs Programs. Find programs nearby and link to the programs' websites. Includes national pharmacies as well as regional and local pharmacies that offer a $4 generic program.

  • NeedyMeds Offers Consumer Reports "Best Drugs for Less" booklets

    NeedyMeds now offers Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs in a free, mobile-friendly digital version - available in both English and Spanish. The Best Drugs for Less e-pub highlights CR's best advice for saving money on your meds, which drugs you should take for common conditions, the questions you should ask your doctor, and much more. The English printed version can be ordered through our Subscription Center Order Print Materials page.

  • Free E-mail Alert Service for PAPs

    Our free e-mail alert service allows you to receive important PAP updates as they become available. Sign up for either daily or weekly updates.

  • Free E-mail Alert Service for Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs

    Our free e-mail alert service allows you to receive important diagnosis-based assistance program updates as they become available. Sign up for either daily or weekly updates.

  • NeedyMeds Alert: Medication Management

    Simplify your life with the free NeedyMeds Alert app, offering medication reminders on-the-go. Securely store your entire med list, set refill and dose reminders, and save money with coupons, generics and much more.

  • Upcoming NeedyMeds Webinars

    Next Monthly Webinar: NeedyMeds Overview
    February 18 at 2:00PM Eastern Time


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