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Scroll down to find all drugs and dosages available through Patient Assistance Programs, sorted alphabetically by brand name. The generic name is in parenthesis. If a drug is listed more than once, it's available on more than one program.

Medicine not on this list or the Generic Name Drugs list, is not currently available through a Patient Assistance Program.


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As of February 28, 2015, there are 4007 drugs and dosages on the list. Drugs are added and deleted often, so check back regularly.

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  VA-VF     VG-VZ  

V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device  (insulin delivery device)
Vagifem  (estradiol vaginal tablets)
Vagifem 18  (estradiol)
Valchlor  (mechlorethamine)
Valcyte  (valganciclovir)
Valium  (diazepam)
VALSTAR  (valrubicin)
Valtrex  (valacyclovir)
Vancocin  (vancomycin)
Vantas  (histrelin)
Vaqta  (hepatitis a vaccine inactivated)
Varivax  (varicella virus vaccine live)
Varizig  (varicella zoster immune globulin human)
Vascepa  (icosapent ethyl)
Vaseretic  (enalapril maleate/hydrochlorothiazide)
Vasotec  (enalapril maleate)
Vectibix  (panitumumab)
velaglucerase alfa IV  (velaglucerase alfa)
Velcade  (bortezomib)
Veletri  (epoprostenol)
Velphoro  (sucroferric oxyhydroxide)
Veltin  (clindamycin phosphate/tretinion)
Venofer  (iron sucrose)
Ventavis  (iloprost)
Ventolin HFA  (albuterol sulfate)
Vepesid  (etoposide)
Veramyst  (fluticasone furoate)
VESIcare  (solifenacin)
Vexol  (rimexolone ophthalmic)
VFEND  (voriconazole)
Viagra  (sildenafil citrate)
Vibativ  (telavancin)
Victoza  (liraglutide [rdna origin])
Victrelis  (boceprevir)
Vidaza  (azacitidine)
Viekira Pak  (ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir/dasabuvir)
Vigamox  (moxifloxacin)
Viibryd  (vilazodone)
Vimpat  (lacosamide)
Vincristine Sulfate  (vincristine)
Viokace  (pancrelipase amylase/lipase/protease)
Viracept  (nelfinavir)
Viramune XR  (nevirapine)
Virazole  (ribavirin)
Viread  (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)
Vistaril  (hydroxyzine)
Vistide  (cidofovir)
Visudyne  (verteporfin)
Vivitrol  (naltrexone)
Vivonex Pediatric  (medical food)
Vivonex Plus  (medical food)
Vivonex RTF  (medical food)
Vivonex T.E.N.  (medical food)
Voltaren  (diclofenac ec)
Voltaren XR  (diclofenac er)
Votrient  (pazopanib)
VPRIV  (velaglucerase alfa)
VSL 3 DS  (medical food)
Vumon  (teniposide)
Vytorin  (ezetimibe/simvastatin)
Vyvanse  (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate)

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