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Caduet tablet (amlodipine besylate-atorvastatin calcium)
Calan SR tablet; extended release (verapamil)
Calan tablet (verapamil)
Calcet creamy bites (calcium vitamin D3)
Calcilo XD powder (medical food)
Calendula Cream cream (calendula officinalis 1X HPUS)
Calendula Gel gel (calendula officinalis 1X HPUS)
Calendula Lotion lotion (calendula officinalis 1X HPUS)
Calendula Ointment ointment (calendula officinalis 1X HPUS)
Callex oinment (petrolatum USP)
Caltrate 600+D3 Plus Minerals Chewables soft chews (caluim supplement - vitamin D - minerals)
Caltrate 600+D3 Plus Minerals tablet (caluim supplement - vitamin D - minerals)
Caltrate 600+D3 soft chews (calcuim supplement - vitamin D)
Caltrate 600+D3 tablet (caluim supplement - vitamin D)
Caltrate Gummy Bites gummies (caluim supplement - vitamin D)
Cambia oral solution (diclofenac)
Camilia-Teething Relief liquid (homeopathic medicine)
Campath (alemtuzumab)
Campath injection (alemtuzumab)
Campral tablet; delayed release (acamprosate calcium)
Camptosar (irinotecan)
Camptosar injection (irinotecan)
Canasa suppository; rectal (mesalamine)
Cancidas injectable; iv (caspofungin)
Caphosol oral solution (supersaturated calcium phosphate rinse)
Capoten tablet (captopril)
Caprelsa (vandetanib)
Caprelsa tablet (vandetanib)
Carac (fluorouracil)
Carac cream; topical (fluorouracil)
Carafate tablet (sucralfate)
Carbatrol capsule (carbamazepine)
Cardizem CD capsule; extended release (diltiazem)
Cardura tablet (doxazosin)
Carimune NF injection (immune globulin intravenous human)
Carmex Lip Care moisturizers (moisturizer)
Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balms lip balm (moisturizer)
Carmol HC cream (hydrocortisone acetate-urea)
Carnitor injection (levocarnitine)
Carnitor oral solution (levocarnitine)
Carnitor oral solution; sugar free (levocarnitine)
Carnitor tablet (levocarnitine)
Casodex tablet (bicalutamide)
Catapres tablet (clonidine)
Catapres-TTS-3 transdermal patch (clonidine)
Cathflo injection (alteplase rDNA)
Caverject injection (alprostadil)
Cayston solution; inhalation (aztreonam)
Celebrex (celecoxib)
Celebrex capsule (celecoxib)
Celestone (betamethasone)
Celexa tablet (citalopram HBr)
Cellcept capsule (mycophenolate mofetil)
Cellcept oral suspension (mycophenolate mofetil)
Cellcept tablet (mycophenolate mofetil)
Celontin capsule (methsuximide)
Centrum Silver Products tablet (multi-vitamin)
Cepacol Antibacterial Mouthwash mouthwash (benzocaine - menthol)
Cepacol Sensations lozenge (benzocaine - menthol)
Cepacol Sore Throat Spray spray (benzocaine - menthol)
CeraVe Cleansers topical
Cerdelga (eliglustat tartrate)
Cerdelga capsule (eliglustat tartrate)
Ceredase (alglucerase)
CerefolinNAC caplet (dietrary supplement)
Cerezyme injection (imiglucerase)
Cervarix vaccine (human papillomavirus types 16 18 recombinant adjuvanted)
Cetaphil Acne-Prone and Eczema Products topical (skin care)
Cetaphil Baby Products topical (skin care)
Cetaphil Cleansers topical (skin care)
Cetaphil Moisturizers topical (skin care)
Cetrotide injection (cetrorelix)
Chantix tablet (varenicline tartrate)
Chemet (succimer)
Chemet capsule (succimer)
Chestal Products-Adult's syrup (homeopathic medicine)
Children's Advil Suspension suspension (ibuprofen)
Children's Allegra Products oral (fexofenadine)
Children's Benadryl liquid (diphenhydramine)
Children's Benadryl-D liquid (diphenhydramine - phenylephrine)
Children's Claritin chewables, syrup, reditabs (loratadine)
Children's Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Chewable Tablets tablet; chewable (diphenhydramine - phenylephrine)
Children's Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Syrup syrup (diphenhydramine - phenylephrine)
Children's Dimetapp Cough and Cold syrup (brompheniramine maleate - antihistamine dextromethorphan HBr - phenylephrine)
Children's Dimetapp Long Acting Cough Plus Cold syrup (brompheniramine maleate - antihistamine dextromethorphan HBr - phenylephrine)
Children's Dimetapp Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu syrup (acetaminophen - chlorpheniramine maleate - dextromethorphan HBr - phenylephrine)
Children's Dimetapp Nighttime Cold and Congestion syrup (diphenhydramine - phenylephrine)
Children's Oscillococcinum packets (homeopathic medicine)
Children's Sudafed PE Cold and Cough liquid (phenylephrine HC - dextromethorphan HBr)
Children's Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant liquid (phenylephrine HC)
Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges lozenge (benzocaine - menthol)
Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray spray (phenol)
Chloraseptic Throat Spray for Kids spray (benzocaine)
Cialis tablet (tadalafil)
Ciloxan ophthalmic ointment (ciprofloxacin)
Ciloxan ophthalmic solution/drops (ciprofloxacin)
Cimzia (certolizumab pegol)
Cimzia injection (certolizumab pegol)
Cipro HC ophthalmic suspension/drops (ciprofloxacin - hydrocortisone)
Cipro oral suspension (ciprofloxacin)
Cipro tablet (ciprofloxacin)
Ciprodex ophthalmic suspension/drops (ciprofloxacin - dexamethasone)
Ciprodex otic suspension (ciprofloxacin - dexamethasone sterile otic suspension)
Citracal Calcium+Bone Density Builder gummies, tablet (calcium - vitamin D - magnesium)
Citracal Maximum tablet; gummies (calcium - vitamin D - magnesium)
Citracal Petites gummies, tablet (calcium - vitamin D - magnesium)
Citracal Plus Magnesium tablet; gummies (calcium)
Citracal Regular gummies, tablet (calcium - vitamin D - magnesium)
Citracal Slow Release 1200 gummies, tablet (calcium - vitamin D - magnesium)
Citracal Sugar Free Chocolate Chews soft chews (calcium - vitamin D - magnesium)
CitraNatal 90 DHA tablet (vitamin - mineral supplement)
CitraNatal Assure tablet (dual-iron DHA)
CitraNatal B-Calm tablet (vitamin - mineral supplement)
CitraNatal DHA capsule (DHA)
CitraNatal Harmony capsule; gel (vitamin - mineral supplement)
Citrucel Orange Mix with SmartFiber powder (fiber therapy)
Citrucel Sugar Free Orange Mix with SmartFiber powder (fiber therapy)
Clarinex tablet (desloratadine)
Claritin tablet (loratadine)
Claritin-D tablet, liqui-gels, readytabs (loratadine - antihistamine - pseudoephedrine)
ClarixFlo (human amniotic membrane)
Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment gel (salicylic acid)
Clean and Clear Advantage Kit topical (benzoyl peroxide)
Clean and Clear Continuous Control cleanser (benzoyl peroxide)
Clean and Clear Deep Action topical (salicylic acid)
Clean and Clear Morning Burst facial cleanser (facial cleanser)
Clear Care Solution solution; cleaning/disinfection (cleaning - disinfection solution)
Clear Eyes All Season Outdoor drops (lastrigent - lubricant - redness reliever)
Clear Eyes Complete eye drops (astrigentlubricant)
Clear Eyes Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief drops (lubricant - redness reliever)
Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Eye Relief eye drops (astrigentlubricant)
Clear Eyes Maximum Strength Redness Relief drops (lubricant)
Clearasil Daily Clear Adult Tinted Treatment Cream cream (benzoyl peroxide - bentonite)
Clearasil Daily Clear Face Wash face wash (salicylic acid - moisturizing ingredients)
Clearasil Daily Clear Facial Scrub topical (salicylic acid)
Clearasil Daily Clear Pore Cleasing Pads topical (salicylic acid)
Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Pads pads (benzoyl peroxide - bentonite)
Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Scrub exfoliant (benzoyl peroxide - bentonite)
Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Toner toner (benzoyl peroxide - bentonite)
Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash face wash (benzoyl peroxide - bentonite)
Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Kit topical (benzoyl peroxide - bentonite)
Clearasil Ultra Acne+Marks Wash and Mask topical (salicylic acid)
Clearasil Ultra On-The-Go Action Wipes topical (salicylic acid)
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Treatment Lotion lotion (salicylic Acid)
Cleocin capsule (clindamycin)
Cleocin Pediatric solution (clindamycin)
Cleocin Phosphate injection (clindamycin phosphate)
Cleocin T gel; topical (clindamycin phosphate)
Cleocin T lotion; topical (clindamycin phosphate)
Cleocin T solution; topical (clindamycin phosphate)
Climara film; transdermal (estradiol transdermal system)
Climara Pro film; transdermal (estradiol transdermal system)
Clindagel gel; topical (clinclamycin phosphate gel)
Clindesse cream (clindamycin phosphate)
Clinimix E injection (amino acid - calcium chloride - dextrose - magnesium chloride - potassium phosphate - sodium acetate - sodium chloride)
Clinimix injection (amino acids - dextrose)
Clinoril tablet (sulindac)
Cloderm cream (clocortolone pivalate)
Clolar vial (clofarabine)
CloSYS Alcohol-Free Oral Health Products oral (cloralstan)
Clozaril tablet (clozapine)
Coartem tablet (artmether - lumefantrine)
Colace capsule (docusate sodium)
Colace Clear soft gels (docusate)
Colazal (balsalazide disodium)
Colazal capsule (balsalazide disodium)
Colcrys tablet (colchicine)
Colestid granule; oral (colestipol)
Colestid tablet (colestipol)
Colgate Orabase paste (benzocaine)
Colgate Peroxyl cleanser (antiseptic)
Colgate PreviDent 5000 Enamel Protect paste (sodium fluoride)
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief oral cleanser (argininecalcium carbonate)
Collagenase SANTYL ointment (collagenase enzyme per gram of white petrolatum USP)
Combigan ophthalmic solution (brimonidine tartrate - timolol maleate)
Combivent Respimat spray; inhalation (ipratropium bromide - albuterol)
Combivir (lamivudine-zidovudine)
Combivir tablet (lamivudine - zidovudine)
Cometriq (cabozantinib s-malate)
Cometriq capsule (cabozantinib s-malate)
Compleat formula for tube feeding (medical food)
Compleat Pediatric formula for tube feeding (medical food)
Complera (emtricitabine-rilpivirine-tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)
Complera tablet (emtricitabine - rilpivirine - tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)
Compound W-Freeze Off topical (wart removal system)
Compound W-Wart Remover Liquid liquid (salicylic acid)
Compound W-Wart Remover Pads for Common Warts pads (wart removal system)
Concerta tablet; extended release (methylphenidate)
Contrave tablet; extended release (naltrexone - bupropion)
Conveen Active incontinence product (incontinence product)
ConZip capsule (tramadol hydrochloride)
Copaxone (glatiramer acetate)
Copaxone syringe; prefilled (glatiramer acetate)
Copegus (ribavirin)
Cordarone tablet (amiodarone)
Cordran (flurandrenolide)
Cordran Cream cream (flurandrenoline USP)
Cordran Lotion lotion (flurandrenoline)
Cordran Ointment ointment (flurandrenoline USP)
Coreg CR capsule; extended release (carvedilol phosphate)
Coreg tablet (carvedilol)
Coricidin HBP Day and Night Multi-Symptom Cold softgels/caplets (dextromethorphan HBr - guaifenesin - acetaminophen - chlorpheniramine maleate)
Corifact injection (factor xiii concentrate human)
Corlanor tablet (ivabradine)
Cortaid 12-hour Advanced Anti-Itch Cream cream (hydrocortizone)
Cortaid Intensive Therapy Cooling Spray spray (hydrocortizone)
Cortef (hydrocortisone)
Cortef tablet (hydrocortisone)
Cortone (cortisone acetate)
Cosamin ASU capsule (glucosamine - chondroitin)
Cosentyx (secukinumab)
Cosentyx disposal container (container for Cosentyx)
Cosentyx injection (secukinumab)
Cosmegen injection (dactinomycin)
Cosopt ophthalmic solution/drops (dorzolamide - timolol maleate)
Covaryx tablet (esterified estrogens - methyltestosterone)
Cozaar tablet (losartan)
Creon capsule; delayed release (pancrelipase lipase - amylase - protease)
Cresemba capsule (isavuconazonium)
Cresemba injection (isavuconazonium)
Crestor tablet (rosuvastatin calcium)
Crixivan (indinavir)
Crixivan capsule (indinavir)
Cubicin (daptomycin)
Cubicin injection (daptomycin)
Culturelle Digestive Health capsule; chewables (nutritional supplement)
Culturelle Immune Health capsule (nutritional supplement)
Culturelle Kids Health packet; chewable (nutritional supplement)
Cuprimine (penicillamine)
Cuprimine capsule (penicillamine)
Cuvposa oral solution (glycopyrrolate)
Cyclogyl ophthalmic solution/drops (cyclopentolate)
Cyclomydril ophthalmic solution/drops (cyclopentolate - phenylephrine)
Cycloset tablet (bromocriptine)
Cymbalta capsule; delayed release (duloxetine)
Cyramza (ramucirumab)
Cyramza injection (ramucirumab)
Cystadane powder (betaine anhydrous)
Cytadren (aminoglutethimide)
Cytovene (ganciclovir)
Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide)

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