Diagnosis-Based Assistance

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What Kinds of Programs are Offered?
There are many private- or government-funded organizations offering programs that help with costs associated with specific diagnoses. Some programs are national in scope, while others are limited to people in specific states. Most have some type of eligibility requirements, usually financial ones. Some cover one specific diagnosis, while others cover whole categories (such as all types of cancers) or even all chronic medical illnesses.

These diagnosis-based assistance programs may cover many types of expenses, including drugs, insurance co-pays, office visits, transportation, nutrition, medical supplies, child or respite care.

How to Search for Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs
The programs are sorted in three ways:

Tips for Searching for Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs
In most cases, it's best to search by the type of diagnosis. Because programs are listed in several ways, it's important to know how to find all the programs that can help you:

If your organization helps people with the costs of a specific diagnosis, we will add it to the website. Please fill out and submit the online Program Information form below:

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As of 04/20/2014, we have information on 1636 programs.