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There are 15 programs in ct.

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Program Name Summary Medical Condition Accepts Campers From
Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp Camp for children burn survivors ages 8-18. Burn Injury National
Camp Courage Week-long summer camp for children and teens ages 8-21 diagnosed with epilepsy living in Connecticut. Epilepsy, Seizure Disorders Connecticut
Camp Courage Camp provides a session for young adults ages 8-21 with a primary diagnosis of epilepsy and on anti-convulsant medication or receiving other treatment for seizures. Epilepsy, Seizure Disorders Connecticut
Camp Harkness Week-long summer camp for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 8-21. Developmental Disability, Disability - Developmental, Disability - Intellectual, Intellectual Disability Connecticut
Camp Horizons Summer Camp Two-week residential summer camp for individuals who are mild to moderately developmentally disabled ages 8-39. Developmental Disability, Disability - Developmental Connecticut
Camp Isola Bella 2-week summer camp programs for children ages 8-17 who are deaf or those who have a deaf parent or sibling. Deafness Connecticut
Camp Liberty Week-long summer camp in various locations for children ages 8-16 with chronic dermatologic conditions. Alopecia, Congenital Nevus, Ectodermal Dysplasia, Eczema, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Ichthyosis, Scleroderma, Vitiligo Connecticut
Camp Moe A day camp for all children; there are activities for children with developmental disabilities. Childhood Disability, Developmental Disability, Disability - Childhood, Disability - Developmental Connecticut
Camp Rising Sun A free week long summer camp for children ages 5-17 who have a diagnosis of cancer. Cancer - All National
iCan Bike Camp A 5 session specialized instructional program for individuals 8 years or older with disabilities, that will teach them how to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle. Disability - Physical, Physical Disability, Special Needs Connecticut
MDA Camp Camp for children ages 6-17 living in Connecticut diagnosed with most types of muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular diseases covered under the MDA's program. Muscular Dystrophy, Neuromuscular Diseases, Neuromuscular Disorders Connectiut
Summer Program Summer camp for children ages 10-18 who struggle with various learning differences. Learning Disability Connecticut
The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Week-long summer camp for children 7-15 diagnosed with cancer, a serious blood disease, acquired or hereditary immune disorder, or metabolic disease and their siblings. Blood Disorders - All, Childhood Cancer, Immune Disorders - All, Metabolic/Hormonal Disorders - All Connecticut
New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Four-day camping experience for NEHA families and children ages 6 months -15 years with a bleeding disorder, and their families. Blood Disorders - All, Hemophilia Connecticut
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
The Rainbow Club Summer day camp for children with diabetes and siblings ages 3-15. Diabetes, Diabetes - Juvenile, Juvenile Diabetes Connecticut