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These are listings of camps and retreats for children and adults. These listings include both camps that are for individuals with specific medical condition(s) or diagnoses and also non-medical camps for individuals with specific challenges such as social, emotional, psychological or educational issues. Included in the latter group are camps for children who have lost family members (bereavement) and children of people who are or who have been in the Armed Forces.

Camps can also be searched by all conditions, by camp name, by sponsoring organization or by camp location.

The programs can be for affected individuals or their family members. The listings offer facilities and programs that address the needs of those individuals with medical conditions or other specific challenges. Retreats are often a place where individuals or families can get together for a period of relaxation and respite.

The camps and retreats listed are not necessarily free or for financially needy children and families. However, some offer financial aid, so contact the individual program for details. Many are funded by either private or government organizations. Some camps and retreats take children and adults from anywhere in the U.S., while others are limited to people in specific states. Most have some type of eligibility requirements, usually financial ones. This information is found in the listings.

When searching, look under both specific conditions (brain cancer, ADHD) and general categories (cancer, special needs).

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As of 11/28/2015, we have information on 1572 programs.